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Wisdom Teeth Removal

On average, a typical mouth holds 28 teeth. In the teen and early adulthood years, four additional third molars may try to erupt. These teeth are known as wisdom teeth because they come at an older age when we have gained more life experience.

Though it is less common, some wisdom teeth can align properly, cause no problems, and do not need to be removed. However, with the addition of four more teeth, crowding often occurs and creates the need for widsom teeth removal. We will frequently see where the teeth are blocked from properly erupting, which causes them to become trapped beneath the gum line, or to emerge sideways or at an angle.

In addition to pushing already established teeth out of alignment, impacted wisdom teeth can cause bacteria and infections to grow or can wreak havoc on the neighboring bones and teeth. Early removal should be seen as preventative care and is highly recommended to eliminate the threat they pose to overall dental health.

Removing wisdom teeth is a common, low-risk surgery, but we know that many patients are understandably nervous about the procedure. At the dental practice of Ashley Dinh, we offer the highest quality wisdom teeth extraction. During the outpatient surgery, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area and a general anesthetic may be used as well. We will discuss all of your comfort care options and answer your questions before the day of your surgery.

You’ll find that our experienced staff will provide you with expert care before, during, and after your surgery. In addition, they’ll educate you about post-operative measures you should take to speed you on your way to a full recovery.

To schedule an appointment for removal of your wisdom teeth or to discuss other oral health needs, please contact us today.

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