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Periodontal Therapy

Have you been diagnosed with periodontitis? Gingivitis, the first form of gum disease can become more serious if left untreated, resulting in severe periodontal disease. As your gums recede from the infection and inflammation, you can experience bone loss in your jaw that can eventually cause teeth to become loose, even fall out. As part of our general dentistry treatments, periodontal therapy can stop gum disease in its tracks, helping you retain your natural teeth and protect your overall health.

Treatment for Periodontitis

At Arka Family Dental we offer effective treatments for periodontitis, a serious form of gum disease. Periodontitis can be detrimental to your teeth and your health. Not only can it lead to tooth loss, the bacteria that cause gum disease have been linked to many health issues such as type-2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular issues and certain cancers. However, with ongoing treatments for periodontitis with Dr. Vemula, Dr. Dinh and our hygienist, you can remove this infection from your gums and protect your oral and overall health.

Deep Cleaning, Scaling and Root Planing

Periodontitis begins with bacteria accumulating around your teeth, creating plaque and eventually hard tarter. This inflames and irritates the gums, leading to bleeding and receding of the gum tissue. Professional cleanings below the gum line to remove plaque, tarter and bacteria is the first step to repairing your gums. Our hygienist can perform deep cleanings, planing and scaling the roots of your teeth. For many, this procedure along with regular deep cleanings and home care throughout the year can reverse periodontitis, reducing the gaps between the gums and teeth.

In some cases, surgery and other treatments may be recommended by Dr. Vemula or Dr. Dinh for severe cases of periodontitis. The good news is there are treatment options to help you stop the disease from progressing. Contact our office today to schedule your checkup and cleaning to begin getting your oral health back on track.

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