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Cracked Tooth Repair

Did you know that your teeth are some of the strongest bones in your body? The enamel protecting your teeth is the hardest substance in your entire body, meant to keep your teeth intact for a lifetime. However, life can take its toll on your teeth, even with general dental care and healthy habits. Acidic beverages and foods can weaken your enamel, hard foods can stress teeth and even genetics can affect teeth strength. Cracks in your teeth can occur, causing pain and putting you at risk for decay and other dental problems.

Most people know when they get a cracked tooth. It could happen due to trauma or when you bite down on a hard object. You may experience pain right away, or be able to see the crack in a mirror. Other times a crack can happen without you knowing. Usually it becomes apparent when the tooth becomes sensitive to heat or cold. As soon as you realize you have a cracked tooth, call us here at Arka Family Dental and we’ll get you in for a fast repair.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

If your tooth is cracked, Dr. Vemula or Dr. Dinh will look at available options for repairing the damage. Each situation is different, so the treatment options can vary. It is always best if we can save the tooth, and in most cases, we can. Small cracks may only need a bonding agent to fill the crack and protect the tooth from decay. It other situations a dental crown may be the best option. Dr. Vemula or Dr. Dinh will discuss the extent of the damage to your tooth and discuss what treatment she recommends to protect your oral health. As with all our treatments, we will make sure you are comfortable while we fix your tooth and answer any questions you have regarding your treatment.

A cracked tooth needs immediate dental care. Contact us right away atArka Family Dental if you suspect you have a damaged tooth – we make emergency appointments and have flexible scheduling for your convenience.

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