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Family Dentistry

Over the past decade there has been a rise in “specific dental practices.” Pediatric dentistry, senior dentistry, general dentistry – all of these have been singled out to create dental practices that offer particular services. However, these specific practices have not only caused concern among many doctors, it has also caused a great deal of inconvenience to parents all over the United States. Parents who have to take their children to different dentists, have to visit a different dentist for themselves, and who have to make multiple appointments find that there is simply not enough time in their busy schedules to make this doable.

Ashley Dinh, DDS, is proud to have a family dental practice where patients of all ages are welcome and will receive the same excellent dental care services. Dr. Dinh is an experienced and trusted dentist for compassionate, sensitive, and comprehensive dental care.

Family dentistry provides both dentists and patients many benefits that age-specific dental practices do not. Of course, convenience is a huge factor for families. Family appointments can be scheduled so that all family members can be seen for back-to-back appointments. This allows parents to schedule one day/afternoon/morning for dental appointments instead of repeatedly having to take time off work or children out of school. Aside from convenience, the greatest benefit of family dentistry is that one doctor becomes familiar with the oral health of an entire family. A dentist who sees parents of a family is able to easily identify concerns that may be of concern to their children. For example, parents who are prone to cavities will most likely have children who are also prone to cavities. This identification and link can help dentists provide early intervention in children to promote oral health and avoid issues that their parents have had. There is also a huge benefit in having the same dentist and dental hygienist look at the teeth of all members within a family because any abnormal chance will be noticed early since they are familiar with the dental history.

Dr. Ashley Dinh, DDS, offers personalized family dental care. Please contact our practice today to schedule a dental visit for your family members. Whether your little one is celebrating a first tooth, you have multiple school-aged children, or you are simply looking for the convenience of a family dental practice – Ashely Dinh, DDS, provides exceptional and comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages.

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