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Dental Implant Restorations

One of the reasons dental implants have become so popular for dental restoration is that they look like and feel like natural teeth. But just like your natural teeth, dental implants can need repair. They can become loose, get chipped or need replacement. At Arka Family Dental we offer both dental implant restoration and repairs for our patients that have implants that need ongoing dental care.

Dental implant technology continues to improve and change. The options available now are often a higher caliber than implants that were used ten or more years ago. At our office, we use 3D dental implant technology that can improve the placement and fit of implants, creating a more natural and comfortable smile for our patients. When implant restoration is needed, our advanced imaging can restore and often improve older dental implants for our patients.

Implant Repairs

Once you have dental implants, it can be easy to forget they are not your natural teeth. But one thing that is very different between implants and natural is teeth is the lack of a nerve center. When your natural tooth has a problem, the pain you feel lets you know. With implants, unless you see the issue, you may not know you need a repair.

For all our dental implant patients, we recommend regular exams and checkups to ensure your implants remain in excellent condition. If there is an issue, we can repair your implant and ensure that they all stay beautiful and intact. It is important to protect your investment and your health with regular checkups for your implants.

Whether you need a dental implant replaced, repaired or just a checkup, contact Arka Family Dental today to schedule a consultation. Our friendly team of dental experts are here for all your restorative and general dental needs.

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