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Dental Bridges

Have you lost one or more teeth over the years, leaving gaps in your beautiful smile? These windows in your otherwise solid smile can make you less confident – some people even stop smiling altogether, feeling embarrassed due to their missing teeth. At Arka Family Dental we want to see you smile! Dental bridges can be a wonderful cosmetic dental treatment to close those windows in your teeth, making your smile complete again.

There is more to losing your teeth than just a change in your smile. Missing teeth can lead to other dental and health problems. Your other teeth can begin to shift and become crooked; this can affect the aesthetic appearance of your smile and also cause cleaning issues. Food can become trapped in misaligned teeth, feeding bacteria and promoting decay and gum disease. You also may have a difficult time eating the foods that you love due to your missing teeth. Dental bridges can help keep your existing teeth in place, allow you to chew nutritious foods and give support to your facial muscles for a more youthful appearance.

Porcelain Dental Bridges

To replace missing teeth, a porcelain dental bridge can be created by Dr. Vemula or Dr. Dinh that will give you back your beautiful smile. A dental bridge uses the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth to support a bridge of fake, porcelain teeth called pontics. The anchor teeth are referred to as retainers and are covered with porcelain crowns that attached to the pontics. This is a permanent fixture that will not need to be removed like dentures; your new porcelain dental bridge will feel and look like natural teeth, filling in the windows that were detracting from your smile.

Don’t hide gaps in your teeth any longer – contact Arka Family Dental to learn more about dental bridges or to schedule an appointment. We can find the right tooth replacement option for you to give you back a complete, gorgeous smile.

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