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107 E. Holly Avenue, Suite 5 Sterling, VA 20164
Arka Family Dental

Roja Vemula, DDS


Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus

The Best Technology for Our Patients

Committed to providing top-notch dental care using the most advanced technology available, it’s no surprise that the doctor has incorporated the best diagnostic tool on the market to her practice. With fast, efficient workflow, advanced image quality and better patient communication, the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus brings a whole new dimension to 3D imaging. This advanced unit optimizes accuracy, while allowing the doctor to keep patient safety, comfort, and time in mind. With features such as the SICAT for advanced treatment planning, Integrated Implantology, and low radiation images, the Galileos Comfort Plus by Sirona allows patients in the Sterling and Loudon counties of VA to receive highly personalized and optimal treatment.

Why the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus?

When it comes to diagnosis and treatment planning, the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus is unsurpassed. Using the SICAT feature, precise movements of a patient’s mandible can be viewed in 3D volume. For the first time, dental professionals can assess, diagnose, and plan treatment in one single visit. As an example, a highly articulate prosthetic can be created. In addition, safe and effective dental implants can be placed in the office with Integrated Implantology. Through a specialized FaceScan, patients gain understanding of their proposed treatment. This comprehensive approach contributes to patient comfort and satisfaction, as dentists scan, plan, place, and restore.

With growing concerns about the issue of radiation exposure in x-rays, the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus ensures the lowest effective radiation dosage possible, while still capturing the highest quality image. This enables a diagnosis to be obtained quickly, even for the most difficult cases, with a 14 second high definition scan.

Providing superior options for diagnosis, treatment, and patient consultation, the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus is one reason why our doctor is regarded as Sterling’s best dentist. If you have questions about how this advanced technology may benefit you, contact us today.

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